Life's a Journey, Not a Plan.

Have you ever had a plan for something that didn't follow through, leaving you so anxious and worried that things wouldn't turn out right?

I picked this up about a month ago when I was looking for a book to read this season. As cute as the cover is, I see London, I see France by Sarah Mlynowki was about travelling with your best friend, summer flings, and jumping into the Riviera... in only your polka-dot underwear.

That seemed summer-appropriate, right?

But as I made my way through the book in under a week (I couldn't help myself!) I noticed that it was so much more.

If I could sum up this book in one word, it would be ecstatic... and not just because I love the way ecstatic sounds or how it looks when printed on paper, but because it reminds me of the time when someone said that a friend of mine and I looked ecstatic, dancing together. A really random, happy thought, actually.

I've come to realize that this word, along with the memory attached to it, has reassured me that everything will happen at its own pace and that the future is just a small idea of what could happen.

It's kind of funny how I thought of this, halfway through the book. I kind of lifted my head up off the pages and basically said, "What the hell? This book is a life lesson in itself."

The book is about Sydney, who gets offered a ticket to travel Europe, a trip she's been planning with her best friend Leela since they were little. At first, Syd felt like she had to stay at home with her mom, who's anxiety has gone from bad to worse. She's afraid that if she left her mom alone with her younger sister, things would go out of control.

With Leela begging for this trip, Sydney decided to just go for it. She made sure to keep in touch with her family and that at least half of the trip was planned. The other half? Well, there was enough flexibility just in case things went wrong, or in case Leela decided she wanted to travel off-course.

I will say that this book has made me realize that life will happen at its own pace, and sometimes that pace is not how you planned it to be.

That even if things didn't turn out exactly the way you had hoped, whatever happens in the end, is worth the mystery. You just have to live life the way you feel is right.

And how ecstatic does that sound?

I would love to know how much you love the word ecstatic in the comments (kidding!!)

But really, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Do you think life should have a plan, or should we trust our gut and follow through with something totally out of our comfort zone?

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