Asking for Help! I'm Afraid Of Posting Photos?

So I've decided to flip the switch for a second... Instead of me giving you guys advice, it's me who's asking for help this time! But first, a little backstory I'm sure you've all read a thousand and one times before...

One year ago, "Wanderlust Girl" was originally created as a lifestyle blog as a safe space for anyone to write personal things and feel assured that you are not alone with whatever you're going through. A place where we, as a small community, support one another through thick and thin. And photography at the time was a hobby I had just started.

I think the only actual photography posts I have on this blog are these three:


I never really posted photography posts or kept a consistent "theme" because of the fact that I was at that I-have-a-camera-so-I'll-take-a-photo-of-anything-and-everything phase, haha!

But even to this day, I don't feel like I've found what is "uniquely me." And I'm still looking.

"A photograph is something that both includes and excludes information. As a result, it leaves space for assumption. For knowledge that is not knowledge. The frame, the composition, means that is what you can know from looking is constrained."
It's almost as if I've lost the passion I had for photography, even though I still love looking at and taking photos...

I just don't know what to take photos of.

I feel kind of lost- like I don't know where to begin again, or what kinds of things I enjoy photographing anymore.

Considering how massive the photography world is now, and the fact that absolutely anyone can pick up a camera and photograph things, it genuinely makes me anxious to put my photos online when I know there are soooo mannnyyy other people who can take photos that are just that much better than mine.

So that's one reason why there's been a lack of posts on this blog- not because I've fallen out of blogging, but because I'm lost within photography.

I've already given it an unintended 6-month break, and desperately want to get back into it. I just don't know how.

If you have any tips on getting back into something you love doing, or any ideas that might help me find my "photography style" please let me know in the comments below.

Have you ever fallen out with something you loved to do?

Did you give it up or continue pursuing it?

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