Don't Let Change Define Who You Are

This man was ABSOLUTELY CRAZY for standing on the edge. You can't tell, but this ledge is really high up!

Indecisiveness is probably my biggest weakness. Commitment is my second.

You'll know this if you've read a couple of my recent posts, Important Decisions & Following Your Intuition and Keep Fighting for What You Love.

Ever since I was 3 years old I couldn't make a decision on the spot, and I know for a fact that it drove my parents crazy because I couldn't just pick one- one of anything!

A week ago I wanted to get rid of the caramel balayage in my hair that had faded really badly. It was a nice, subtle colour for about 2 weeks until I realized that my shampoo wasn't all that colour-safe (oops!)

Was it too much to ask to go back to my natural colour? Because do you ever feel like your hair never looks the way you want it too?

I'll give you a minute to imagine how many times I flip-flopped between just dying it back to my natural colour or sticking to the balayage. Yeah. The struggle is real.

Despite how excited I was for my hair to finally be my dark brown tone again, after I washed and blow dried it, it was several shades darker than what I wanted it to be. In the sunlight, it was the right shade, but in any other light, it looked black.

For me, going from a light, almost blonde (that I had for 2 years!) to a rich, really, really dark brown was so shocking, that I didn't feel like myself whenever I looked in the mirror.

You could even say I hated it!

Usually, it takes 3 days for me to get used to a change (I found this out when I chopped my hair REALLY short when I was 9 and hated it) and this time it was no different.

I was told that the slightest change in how you look doesn't make you a different person, and it definitely doesn't change the way your friends see you.

That you are still you no matter how you look, and that you shouldn't ever pay more attention to what's on your head than what's in it.

After all, personality in the end always wins.

Have you ever changed something about the way you look and felt like people judged you for it?

Let me know if you experienced anything similar in the comments, below! :)

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