Important Decisions & Following Your Intuition

Ok guys, after that post about writing the blog you want to read last Sunday, my natural flow of post ideas are coming back to me and it's like I've fallen in love with blogging all over again. I also received an overwhelming amount of thoughtful comments from all of you, and I wish I could give you guys one big hug for being so encouraging!

You can read that post HERE if you missed it last week :)

Right now, it's time for the big question.

The one I'm certain every girl and boy my age has been asked for the past month, and one I've found myself asking more and more.

Which school are you going to next year? (it doesn't sound so big once you type it, haha)

It's something I hadn't really thought about until this month, as I always thought I would've figured out when the time came... and I felt lost. I felt like I had so many opinions and things to analyze, and sort into either a "pro" or "con" category to determine which school was truly right for me. I undoubtedly took EVERY SINGLE THING into account, and part of me is thankful I did, and part of me wishes that I had just gone with my gut feeling.

 But the question that I was asked that really made me think was, "Which school can you imagine yourself stepping through their doors and wanting to be there every single day?"

And it made me realize that you have to make an important decision based off of what YOU want to pursue, not what other's what you to do.

Because whatever they said was THIER opinion, not yours.

I ended up feeling confident in my decision, all because I followed my intuition. I have so many good friends who support me who also go to the school I picked, and I am so thankful for that.

After speaking with someone very influential that evening, my eyes are well and truly opened about the importance of following your own path in life. Yes, people may join you on the path, but you have to remember that it's yours and it can go in any direction you choose.

Have you ever had to make a decision that you were so undecided on?

Did you follow your intuition or go with what somebody else told you to do?

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