How to Write the Blog You Want to Read

Happy one year of blogging, guys!

One year ago in March, Wanderlust Girl had been an idea I came up with when I was on a walk. I dreamed of this idea of what it could be if I put enough effort and passion into it. It was going to be a safe place for anyone to talk about the troubles they were facing in their lives, while at the same time a spot for me to share photos from that cute shop with a black puggy in I visited the other day.

(You might want to click HERE to reread my very first post!) Look at how far I've come with my photos!

It was supposed to be a place I could turn to every day and feel happy with the community that surrounded it.

Like one big squishy happy family of friends who could eat pizza on the opposite sides of the world and still feel connected in a way, and to know that you are not the only one who goes through anxiety. We all do. And it's okay to talk about it. No judgments here.

However, I don't think I've achieved that idea I set in 2016.

I kind of feel like I was spending too much time on other people's blogs and how they were becoming successful, and less time on what I actually wanted to create. I couldn't help but feel like I was being swept away from my identity and what my intentions were for this blog.

I made gluten free scones this morning instead of finishing this post... Sorry if it went up late!
Something about today clicked, and I've categorized what I want to blog about in 3 words- Positivity, Passion, and Pizza.

★ POSITIVITY- encourage by sharing everyday experiences- the good, the bad, and finding what about them makes you smile.

★ PASSION- show by talking about what you love. Photography, volleyball, reading, friendships... People will judge you for no matter what you're passionate about, so might as well be proud about what you love.

★ PIZZA- Okay, I'm not literally going to blog about pizza (maybe I will) but it's more of a metaphor that there's always time for slack and having fun, even in times that are taken more seriously. Plus pizza is just delicious.

AND I ENCOURAGE ALL OF YOU WHO BLOG TO DO THE SAME. Pick three words that sum up what your strengths are and what you love. Got them? Good. Now write them out, and briefly explain how you're going to show them through your posts.

They don't have to be similar to mine, or they could be, if that's what you're going for.

I want you guys to pick words that are unique and represent who you are- not a digital copy of somebody else, and leave them in the comments below!

Read other peoples' comments as well- they might spark some ideas if you're struggling to come up with your words.

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