By 8pm I was cuddled up in my bedsheets with my peppermint tea, as my head was pounding and sweating... A fever? Probably.

Even if I was just feeling a little off, there's something about feeling ill that drains my self-esteem.

When I was scrolling on Pinterest and through Blog lovin' (which you should totally follow me on by the way) there were photographs of other people, looking gorgeous and trimmed to perfection as usual- ripped jeans, Nike caps, and windbreakers, seamlessly blended eye shadows, BROWS...

You could probably imagine me giving a huge sigh right now.

And to remember that I was lying down with my unwashed face and hair tied up literally effortlessly... Aaaand not like those "effortless" looks in the photos that are definitely not effortless, haha. It doesn't really help any sort of self-esteem level I have left.

I think one of the weird things about me is that I like to talk to myself when I'm alone... But I'm pretty positive one of you have caught yourself doing the same before, too! And to think about it a day later, it's actually kinda hilarious, haha.

At some point when I was talking to absolutely no one directly, I said the word, "gorgeous," and after all the crappy things I had been feeling that evening, saying things like "my body is gorgeous," my eyes are gorgeous," "my mind is gorgeous..." "I am gorgeous" almost made me feel a little bit better. Mentally, of course.

It sure as hell didn't help my head from pounding, but saying those positive things to myself gave me some sort of content I needed.

So maybe we should say more things that we love about ourselves instead of reminiscing over the things that went wrong that day.

Maybe then we'd be happier with who we are.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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