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After adding so many beauty products to my wishlist and thinking ways I could save up the load of money to buy these products that I apparently "needed", I took a breather, and thought, whyyy would I need so many creams, liners, and mascaras when I am perfectly fine with the couple things I already have?

And I feel like many beauty bloggers are doing the same- simplifying their beauty routines.

Although they still might be working with quite a few more products than me, that doesn't matter. I only needed to get what made me feel like me, in my own skin. And not hidden underneath Kat Von D's, haha!

Tossing away old makeup products, shower gels, and shampoos for blondes that were a year overdue (I'm a brunette, don't even ask how I got a blonde shampoo, cause idek) was fun and more rewarding than I thought. It narrowed things down to the couple things I truly loved using, instead of the things I "should have probably used up by now". Will simplifying my skin care be next?

These 3 things are my actual staples in my (now smaller!) makeup bag. A perfume, highlighter, and shea butter balmy are the perfect way to look and feel timeless and glowy, without the weight of 10 000 different products on your face :)

I discovered that Dynamite had a perfume range not too long ago when I had gone window shopping with my best friend. First of all, guys. THE PRICE. There was absolutely no reason for me to hesitate when this decent sized perfume was only $25, but I wasn't carrying money with me at the time. The next time I went in their line of perfumes were half off, so I only paid $13 for it! Yay!

The range consists of 3 different scents, 001 "COUTURE" infused with wooden notes,  sultry vanilla, and exotic orchid accords, 002 "VOYAGE" combines airy jasmine and the refreshing aroma of orange, and 003 "BELLE" romantic, soft, and inspired by the duality of modern femininity. 003 smells fresh, slightly feminine, with a blend of chocolate dipped strawberries and almonds. SO GOOD. I hadn't really cared much for the other scents, but this one, yes! Smells similar to a Jo Malone eau de toilette, although it doesn't last nearly as long.

I have to say, at first I wasn't too blown away by it, but after using it daily for the following week, I fell in loveee. It's a small amount in the stick (reality check! not many makeup products come with a lot anyways) and the pretty, rose gold peach tint took a while getting used to on my skin. As long as you apply it by dabbing it on your cheekbones, then lightly tapping to blend, that glow is so gorgeous. And in both natural and artificial light, too!

It's also not overly shimmery at all, and gives you that "wet" look everyone is trying to achieve (my bestie wanted me to say wet, haha!). And for $24 a pop it really isn't a bad price for Cover FX. I should also mention that there are so many pretty colours to pick from to suit difference skin tones.

You guys have no idea how happy I was when I discovered I could buy Pixi in stores at Shopper's Drug Mart! I love them mainly because their brand is based around the idea that it shouldn't take 30+ products to get ready in the morning- enhancing your natural beauty kinda thing.

I found that this works best when your lips are exfoliated so that the semi-sheer pigment doesn't cling to that flaky lip skin (ew, haha). The colour is really pretty and natural to my lip colour, and the actual balm does a great job of staying on my lips for hours. I totally recommend it.

All 3 of these products I've used every day over the past 2 months, and guys- I'm loving how light and glowy my skin is feeling when I don't overload the products on.

If you'd like me to do a similar post once I get a chance to clear out my skincare, let me know in the comments below!

That might be another excuse for me to buy new skincare, but hey ho, if I'm simplifying everything, might as well :)

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