Reinvent Yourself

It's only been one week into January, and there's been this spark of motivation and new intent for myself this year. I've been bombarded with posts about other people's new year's resolutions and things they want to accomplish this year, which I think is amazing. It's such a great way to spread positivity and help one another out!

I've already done a post on my new year's resolutions, which you can read about HERE (and thank you for all of the lovely comments by the way! you guys are honestly the bestest ever xx).

Reinventing myself, has been one of the things I wanted to focus on this month. But instead of saying "new year, new me" it'll be working off where I am right now.

Ways I'm going to reinvent myself:

1. Think more positive
2. Start fresh in my journal
3. Take things slowly with myself
4. Drink a glass of water every morning
5. Take more organized notes in class

This way, I can really focus on myself instead of worrying about other people all the time... Which, if I'm totally honest with you, I care about a bit too much, haha.

So far it's been a good week for me, as I am loving how organized my mind is and how confident I feel with my body, as well.

Let me know how you guys are getting along in the comments below! I'd love to hear how the start of the year has been treating you.

Any highlights so far? Anything sort-of tragic happen?

A little off topic (as usual), I was in American Eagle Outfitters the other day and somehow, I just gravitated towards those ripped jeans you see in the photos above! Although it took me about a good 3 or 4 pairs to try on to get the right size, THEY FIT SO WELL. And they make me feel really good in them, which is always a good thing :)

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