My Aesthetic

I feel like photos can really say a lot about someone's personality- the way certain colours work together, the angle at the shot was taken, what's actually in the photo...

My best friend, Cookie, we'll call her, and I each created a mood board on Pinterest. We gathered loads of photos that we think represented our personalities the best, and in comparing both boards, they were COMPLETELY different!

She had more blues, beaches, sunshine, bright colours and a lot of them had softer looks to them, while mine consisted of black and whites, peachy tones, greys, and high sharpness.

Which if you think about it, makes sense because of our personality differences.

She's sweet, light hearted, hilarious, and pretty much lightens up the room anywhere she goes. I asked her how the photos I chose represented my personality, and she told me I'm happy, classic, and perfect. Oh, and sweet on the inside (the peachy colours) and fashion wise I'm badass (the blacks & whites) haha!

Now I want to hear from you.

What colours or themes do you think represent your aesthetic? Everyone is a little different!

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