I hope you all had a great Christmas holiday!

There is a whole pizza sitting next to me as I write this, and you have no idea how incredibly difficult it is to focus on this post when it smells so damn good, haha. I do this weird thing where I have to take the pepperoni off and eat it before the actual pizza. This way there's no biting into the slice and sliding all the cheese off of it... Where was I? Oh ya.

As it's the start of a new year I thought it would be fun to do a post on new year's resolutions.

I read somewhere that you should only choose 3 new year's resolutions, because this way there's a better chance of you actually achieving your goals. And it's so true!

Previously I used to be so into the new year, that I would write out pages on pages of things I wanted to do in the upcoming year. At about a month in, I would forget what I wanted to achieve! Even though it'd still be pretty early in the year, I normally feel crap about myself and then give up- and that isn't the path I want to take this 2017.

So this year I'm only going to come up with 3 resolutions, and I think it'd be really cool if you guys did the same, and posted them in the comments below. That way we can keep up to date with each other's progress- just like on my post about facing my fear in one-on-one situations.

This year my three resolutions are:

no. 1 // to face more of my fears
no. 2 // to become more creative with my photography
no. 3 // to be happy (even if that means experiencing sadness to be happy)

Happy New Year everyone- I can't wait to read your resolutions!

ps. I don't normally show case my photography on here, so also make sure to tell me if you'd like to see more. Maybe monthly posts?

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