Metallic Holiday Haul

I don't think I would ever call myself a haul girl, but I just had to share my new purchases with you! There's just something about glitter and metallic shades around the holidays that puts a nice spin on Christmas decorating.

When my sister and I were little, I remember tinselling the tree and carefully placing on all the glass baubles, leaving the twinkle lights for my dad as it was a "grown-up's" job. I was (and still am!) that one girl who want the Christmas tree to look perfect from every angle, with the memory filled ornaments paired with your standard round balls evenly distributed on every branch.
Because who want's a tree with too much of a good thing packed in just ONE spot, when the baubles can be scattered evenly? haha.

Call me crazy if you want, but holiday decorations are my specialty!

Oh, and just a little heads up, all three of the things I picked up were such bargains!

The silver tinsel reminds me of decorating the tree when I was little, plus I thought it would look super cute strung up on my desk, along with my mini Christmas tree I've got!

The three gold trees were definitely my kind of decoration you would have on your vanity or bed side table. I have found that it sheds glitter everywhere, but I feel like at this time of the month, it's okay haha. Both the tinsel and mini gold trees were found at the dollar store!

Now, the marquee heart in the background was in the "as is" section of a craft store, for $4! Knowing me I grabbed this as quick as I could. Nothing was wrong with it, all the lights worked, and it was a decent size- metal too!

I was thinking about painting it a gold or silver, but I'm growing to like the red.

What do you think of my purchases? Have you made any new ones this year?

I'd love to hear the items you've bought for Christmas in the comments below.

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