6 Things to Love about Winter

I'm definitely a winter girl. How much more can I say?

When the outdoors decide to layer up on the snow, sheet by sheet, I layer up on the blankets and stacks of Christmas films. Coziness is pretty much my specialty!

I feel so privileged and grateful to live in a place where we get all 4 seasons.

The rain slushes in spring, heat can rise up to 30+ degrees celsius in summer, leaves change into a multitude of colours in autumn, and a hella lot of snow can cover our driveways in winter.

When I was little, my sister and I would build our own little snow dens, pretending we owned a small shop, rolling balls of snow to replicate items. I think we even made "money" out of snow! My sister took half the yard, myself taking up the other half. It was kind of like a competition to see who could create the better snow shop.

Our snow men came to life after we packed as much snow as we could into pails. One year, I used a turnip as a nose for my snowman, and the next day I woke up to find that wild bunnies had trampled all over him to eat the veggies, haha!

The more I look back, the more memories I remember that took place in winter. This year I've gotten barely any snow compared to what I normally get up here in Canada, so I'm really hoping that when I take a trip to the mountains in January there'll be no disappointment!

Anyways, here are my 6 things I love about winter:

1. The air feels so fresh and crisp
2. Christmas decorations go up, which makes everything look festive & cute
3. Hot chocolate and tea becomes my main source of fluid
4. Limited edition drinks and chocolates and bath bombs (because they all go together)
5. Snow days make for gorgeous photoshoots
6. Basically one big excuse to take naps when it's already pitch black outside by 3pm

What makes winter special to you?

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