New Jewelry, Mondays & I FAINTED?

I had one of the most monday-iest mondays ever this week (ya that's right- a monday-iest monday). Lemme explain.

First off, getting out of bed was the HARDEST thing to do today! Normally I'm fully awake by 8am, but today it was incredibly difficult and I didn't leave the warmth of my duvet until 9am- which, made me feel pretty crap about myself.

I've planned on getting my ear pierced with some of the key stars from the gemini constellation, which, I think is the prettiest idea ever. I'm a gemini as my birthday is the 24th of May, and pretty much anything you Pinterest search about being gemini is 99.92% accurate.

My first helix piercing went in nice and easy, but by the time she told me to breathe in and out for the second needle, I fainted! Apparently my body did some weird seizure-like movements too, for about thirty seconds or so. If any of you know what those mini seizure things were, please let me know in the comments!

I remember the second helix piercing hurting more than the first, then flashes of white light, and ringing in my ears. (6.5/10 pain, and I have a pretty high-normal pain tolerance)

When I woke up, at first I was kind of confused- like, was this a dream? Where was I? Why was I lying down? Why aren't my eyes opening? But this lasted for a good 3 seconds before I felt completely normal again. "What did I miss?" kind of normal, haha.

3 minutes after, my sister fainted for about 5 seconds, probably from shock of seeing my body do that. We're both doing perfectly fine now, and I'm in love with how my piercings turned out despite what had happened :)

Aaand, I'm still looking forwards to a single forwards helix and a flat piercing to complete my gemini constellation.

Getting back to why mondays suck, I ended up feeling slightly tired and queasy for the whole of the day, and ended up postponing what homework I had to do on friday, until now.

I also spilt boiling water down my leg that night, when attempting to make myself a tea to unwind... Kind of anti climatic, aha!

So that was my eventful monday. How was yours?

Tell me one good thing that happened in the comments below!

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