Should You Have A Happy Place?

One week away from the city, my friends, and the online world was the nicest trip I've been on in a long while. It must've been the fresh air and breath-taking mountains that took my mind off life's everyday tasks and never ending lists!

I came back to so many lovely comments, which made the end of the road trip that much better.

My immediate family and I explored the west of Alberta, even staying in the brim of British Columbia. The furthest we've ever driven was for a wedding in Vancouver- but that was maannnyyy years ago, and to be honest, I don't remember much of it.

The time away reminded me that it's okay to not look your prettiest everyday, and that you can in fact have a hair-tied-up-all-day-long sort of time. After all, those are the best kinds of days! I'll now give you a moment now to imagine me not having a shower in 5 days, in oversized sweatpants, and hair an absolute mess...

If you're a constant reader of mine (thank you, by the way!) you might have already read my post on my Gull Lake Getaway which you can read HERE.

Some people feel their happiest and the most relaxed by the ocean or sea, but for me, it's the hight of the mountains and fast flowing rivers. It's the place I can truly relax and not care about anything going on around me.

I'd say the mountains are my happy place.

And I wouldn't change that for anything. 

 Here's a basic run-down of the trip!

SUNDAY: Began road trip from Edmonton (#1) to Red Deer (#2) to get the BEST donuts ever // Drove through loads of cow filled fields to Brooks (#3) for the Medieval Festival // Slept in Cochrane (#4)

MONDAY: Mum's birthday! // Went the complete opposite direction and headed West to the Rocky Mountains // Took a detour near Canmore (#5) // Camped for the night in Two Jack Main in Banff (#6) [also known as Bear Country]

TUESDAY: Drove around Minnewanka Lake // Went up a pretty scary winding road 5 000+ ft up Mt. Norquay (#7), then rode up even higher by a gondola to sight see // Looped around to Golden (#8) // Stayed in Kinbasket Lake Resort (#9) and found our beautiful campsite. Beaver Lake attached to it was a stunning teal hue!

WEDNESDAY: Unfortunately anywhere down a river valley in BC there will be exceptionally loud trains passing through every hour or so // Spent the day exploring the lake, walking trails in flip flops (I do NOT advise you to do this) and found a ti-pi // Campfire was burning all day [everyday] // Slept at camp again

Fun fact: Did you know that the silvery & delicate stone, Mica, used to be crushed & used as eyeshadow? It was like walking through eyeshadow paradise, haha!

THURSDAY: Packed up the tent and drove to Revelstoke (#10) // Rode "The Pipe" 2km down a mountain (This was awesome! GOOGLE IT.) // Registered and stayed in a bunkbed cabin at Canyon Hot Springs (#11)

FRIDAY: Unexpectedly found Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre (#12) on the way back // Took even more photos around Lake Louise // Saw a waterfall in Banff and stayed the night

SATURDAY: Drove all the way home, as us four were exhausted // Found out I had 340 photos to go through- how "fun" haha!

Which day of our road trip would you have enjoyed the most? Do you have a happy place?


  1. Beautiful photos *-* Ah looks like you enjoyed it so much! xx

    1. Awe thank you so much! I had the nicest time :)

  2. Amazing photos! I'd love to explore this part of the world one day xx

    Tajaljeh //

    1. Thank you! I'm sure you'd love it as much as I do x

  3. AMAZING photos! And I love how you formatted this post... quick and yet very enjoyable to read. Nicely done!
    Julia || Julia in Bluhm

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

  4. I have honestly dreamed of visiting Alberta since I was 11 years old. Definitely feel like this would be my happy place, I so hope I can visit one day! Your trip sounds like it was incredible x

    Martha Jane |


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