Surround Yourself With Happiness

The last couple of days has been a little stressful, as you probably know from reading my previous post,"Grey Days" & Not Giving Up. Sometimes, we have these tough days where nothing will go right, and our motivation just drops. But that's life.

Part of me has a strong dislike for going to school (doesn't everyone), as sometimes subjects can drag on and on. I'm sure we've all taken that one subject we have no interest in, and even thinking about it can ruin your day. Not to mention that a portion of my classmates can be harsh and rude at times. I'd normally just shrug it off, as I know they don't necessarily mean what they say, but sometimes they'll hit a soft spot and it'll all flood in.

And when it does hit me, those words or actions can really turn a whole day around.

But why stew in their negativity or stick with things you don't even like?

More often than not, friends will always be there for you, seeing the best in you, even when you don't see it in yourself. When you surround yourself with those who add something to your life instead of those who take something away, you'll notice there will be more room for happiness.

I know I've definitely noticed.

Same idea with doing the things I actually like to do. Taking photos, flower shopping, and playing volleyball are all things that make me truly happy inside. So embrace your hobbies and remember who makes you smile :)

What makes you happy? Let's add positivity to the world instead of taking it away, down below!


  1. What a lovely post :) I totally understand you! I have a stressfull period as I'm finishing university :) good luck with everything xx

    1. Thank you lovely! Wishing you the best on your exams x

  2. I couldn't agree more. I've known who my true friends are in my last semester in sophomore year and I'm so thankful that I have them as my friends whom I can confide in. They surround me with so much positivity that a lot of positive things attracted to my life and I couldn't be more grateful. :)

    Augustin Ra | Indie Spirit

    1. That's great to hear that you've found your true friends! And maybe, even more will come along as well.


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