"Grey Days" & Not Giving Up

Hey guys!

Sometimes we have "grey days", as I like to call them. Days where our friends can't cheer us up, and doing our favourite hobby isn't even fun. Days where we lack motivation to do anything and days where our self-esteem just... plummets.

Trust me. I know how it feels.
One of my passions is volleyball. When I'm on the court, nothing seems to bother me, and it's like a whole new, happier me shines through. There's just something about the sport that immediately lightens my mood and brings me to a calm, yet excited state of mind. I'm not too sure how to describe it, but I know for a fact it's like my own personal mind-vacation. It's something I can look forwards to after a long day in class, as I'm able to have fun and be myself.

But sometimes, that sensation of being on a mind-vacation doesn't last.

There are times where I can't quite get my technique right, so the ball spirals out of control. I've had it where my serves simply won't go over, and my hits are weak and flimsy. It's frustrating in a way that I know I can do better, but at the same time, nothing seems to be going right.

I almost felt like giving up!

And I don't expect you guys to fully understand my whole scenario as many of you probably don't play volleyball to begin with.

However, this made me think- maybe life is a little bit like a volleyball.

It spirals out of control when you least expect it, bringing down your whole self-esteem with it. You feel as if you know you can do better and be a more productive person, but then, life throws a hard serve at you. And BAM. You've got no motivation, your'e constantly annoyed, and you can't seem to have fun.

But then you have to get up, keep going, and serve another ball. And who knows? Maybe that satisfaction of getting it over the net will be like getting over a tough spot in your life. And if we stay strong and don't give up, then maybe those grey days will get brighter.

Have you ever been in a scenario where you felt like giving up? Did you keep going? Share your stories in the comments below!


  1. This was such a lovely post! I do think everyone gets like this and then we think that there is something wrong with us when there isn't. It helps me to just be sad or upset or grumpy when it happens :) x New follower on bloglovin'

    lots of love, Jane

  2. I've just spent a year abroad as part of my uni degree and it's been the hardest, most challenging year of my life, and I've definitely felt like throwing in the towel more than once. But I'm near the end now and I'm so proud I've got this far without giving up!
    Lovely post and I love the volleyball metaphor :)

    Hannah xx

    1. Good for you for staying strong at uni! I'm sure your degree will be so worth it once everything is over. Thank you lovely!


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